Content Copywriting & Creation

Every website needs content. Whether you’re starting a new business with a new website or thinking about updating your existing website. Fresh content always makes sense to engage with your target audience and keep a fresh look.

What is a Content Writing Service?

Content writing services are services provided for people to have content written for numerous reasons including blogs, website content, sales content e-books. Basically, content writing services are utilised for anything that involves writing for an audience. You could even use a content writing service for a speech whether it be a congratulatory speech for a wedding, graduation to an obituary.

Why Use a Content Writing Service?

Why would anyone use a content writing service? There’s many reasons why. Some people have lots of ideas but don’t have time to write their own content. Some people are not good at articulating what they want to say. Some people are too good at articulating what they mean but are not good at conveying the message to a broader audience. In many cases, our clients just don’t have the time and way too many ideas so they really need someone to write the content for them.

It might sound silly needing someone to write content for you about your own business but it’s all too common to get writers block or even to undersell your business or yourself because you’re trying to say too much or over think it. This is where having a content writer works really well. We not only write content for you which will sell your business, we will write in way for the public to read, not just in a way that only you would read or write.

Other Benefits From Using A Content Writing Service

From an SEO point of view, getting the right content on your website will also help you with your rankings for your products and services that will make you money. Not only is the content written to appeal to the reader, it’s also written to appeal to search engines.

The content writers we work with have serviced all types of industries with different writing styles from researched formal pieces to sales content and casual pieces for sharing on platforms like blogs and social media.

How Much does a Content Writing Service Cost?

Depending on what type of content you are after, content can be to a degree a bit subjective. If you are looking for content of a reasonable to good quality, you will have to pay a reasonable price as good content writers spend time and proofing their work. Some content writers may even employ a proof reader to ensure that their work is up to a certain standard.

If you are a business and are looking for content to be written for your website or for a press release for an event, promotion or product, while you could go cheap, it would only make sense to commission better quality content as this will be what either sells you, you product and your services and ultimately will be read by many and maybe even on a regular basis.

Content Writing Price Estimate Guide

Different services require different skills and writing quality but for those who are price conscious, here is a really rough guide:

  • Sales Content (standard): from $150 for 500 words.
  • Blog Content (basic): from $20 for 500 words.
  • Blog Content (quality): From $100 for 500 words.

Note prices are in Australian Dollars as the majority of our clients are based in Australia. Naturally the more researched a piece, the higher the cost. This guide works well for most projects that we work with but if you have a really specific need then reach out and talk to us first to discuss your needs and to get a free quote. The more of a brief we have, the better we can deliver.

Talk To Us!

We can help with your content needs with some very competitive prices. If you’re looking for more information about our content writing price, drop us a line or send us an inquiry for a no obligation quote.

FAQs – Content Writing Services

Cheap Content Providers – Are they worth it?

In a word, No. But, to be honest there are times where you can get away with some ‘cheap’ content. We recommend never to use them for your own websites. There will be a huge lack in quality and in many cases the content provided is written in such a poor manner using it on your own website would simply be embarrassing.

Content Spinners – Yay or Nay?

If you already have existing content but you need it re-written, we crack the whip on our content writers. We do not spin content. It’s not only a waste of time, the quality of the content output from a spinner is as bad as a young kid learning how to use a thesaurus for the first time.

Is paying for content going to greatly improve my SEO rankings?

Quality content is definitely a good investment and a step in the right direction. It is a powerful asset when it comes to SEO rankings but it will not guarantee you rankings. If you put a pen in someones hand, it doesn’t guarantee they will write well. If you put anyone in a racing car, just because the car is fast doesn’t mean that they will win the race. Together with the right on page optimisations along with your own SEO strategy is when you will generally find improvements in your SEO rankings.