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Yes we are an online digital marketing agency and SEO services are one of our primary activities but what does all this mean? For businesses, whether by design or by chance, they will find that a good source of their business comes from the internet and how people find them. As big a brand or as well known as they may be in their own local community, I have head many people say ‘those guys are only a little 3 man operation’ or ‘why should they be ranking well when I’m such a big business?’. Well, the truth is they are most likely either focusing efforts on their websites SEO or maybe they’re just doing it right and ticking the boxes without even knowing it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the internet

The simple explanation about how SEO works for the everyday person. A Search Engine (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) is used by millions of people every day all over the world for a what can be summarized as a few main reasons:

  • Information – To find out more information about something and gather facts and information.
  • Shopping – Whether it be a service or a product, people use the internet to either buy online or to find a place to contact to make that purchase.
  • Leisure – People use the internet to kill time or to find things to keep themselves entertained.

What it means is your business is almost 100% going to fit in one of these categories as to why you exist. When people search the internet a search engines job is to give what it believes is the best result possible. For example, if you had a burst pipe and water was leaking everywhere, you jumped on your phone and googled for a plumber and the main results were electricians or news on oil leaks in the ocean, you probably wouldn’t be impressed at all.

A search engine’s result is what gives it it’s credibility and over time the big ones we know now are the ones that have more consistently got it right. They don’t get it right by simply listing things as they come up. They get it right by keeping up to date with what’s out there, current information, new sites vs old websites, understanding relevance to the search query and this is achieved by constantly improving.

But what does this mean and why does my business need to consider SEO services?

You may have the best information or the most relevant information for someones inquiry but for a number of reasons the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) may not rank you well or not rank you at all. Optimizing for search engines means that your website, that particular webpage, your content, the way your content is structured is optimized to best tell the search engines what you’re there to be found for and to show them why you should be ranked well. Things to consider:

  • Onsite Optimisation  – Getting your website best set up to get found for your keywords.
  • Offsite Optimisation – Getting votes from out there in the internet world to tell the search engines why your site is authoritative on the subject.
  • User Experience – Does the user have a good experience when they visit your site? Or are they likely to land and quickly leave?

A business that is not focused on SEO will miss out if they don’t use an agency for their SEO services or have someone in-house at least dedicated to SEO orientated activities may find themselves in trouble. Like in any industry or any race, it’s hard to make it to the top and at times it may almost feel impossible. Once you get up there, it’s just as hard or even harder to maintain your position. Similarly, the same could be said for those when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a hard slog to make it to first page and to stay there may take as much or even more hard work.

Search engines are known to constantly update their search algorithms with some advertised and some kept under wraps meaning that ranks are always under scrutiny. The other challenge comes from competitors. It is very easy for someone to rank well in SERPs and get complacent. Just because you rank well today, doesn’t mean you will rank well tomorrow.

What are the main SEO Services we offer?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic rankings to have our sites rank well in SERPs for our key words.

Local SEO aka Google’s Local Snack Pack

Googles Map Listings.

Personal Branding SEO – For building ones personal brand.

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