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If you're here you're probably researching why you need digital online marketing services for your business. Either that or you're wondering whether it will work for you or trying to find out whether you can do it yourself. Here's some of the things that we do that can help businesses market themselves. If you want to find out more, jump on chat or drop us a message!


Improve and Maintain your online presence to stay ahead of competitors, find new customers and increase sales.

Get Found on Maps

If you have a store and you aren't on maps at all, you need help fast! In the industry we call this Local SEO and we can help you with this too. 

Pay Per Click

Connect with your potential customers when it matters under the budget that you want to work with. 

Social Media

Reach your audience and build your brand and customer awareness through Social Media

Web Development

Websites are like storefronts or billboards. If they don't change, they get left behind. 


Every website needs content. From sales content to blog content, our copywriters can help. If you need, we can even help with content for other print materials.

Online Marketing

At DigiHub 360, we not only specialize in the usual online marketing services like SEO, Local SEO, AdWords, Facebook and Content services, we also take the time to work with our clients as business partners. Our goal is to provide the services of any large online marketing agency but to provide a boutique approach for our clients to have a close relationship with their digital agency. 

We've worked with businesses around the world and many businesses throughout Australia to strategize and continuously improve our online presence. Digital marketing may not be the only marketing channel that our clients utilise and it’s so easy to forget that all channels need to support each other for the best outcomes. It’s not a competition whether Digital Marketing is better than say radio, tv or even print media but how they all come together to get the best outcomes and returns for you.

  • Get found on Maps
  • Get ranked well in organic searches
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising for 
  • Build Brand
  • Build Client Database
  • Build Your Network


Digital Marketing

Effective campaigns will help a business gain new customers and give competitive advantage. From a Digital Marketing Agency point of view, our job is to get relevant traffic to your site. The next part is where we are different to many as we care what happens next and we are willing to give the feedback to you. If a website is dated, you might need a new web design to improve user experience or even to modernise the look and feel as people are easily deterred these days. Just Google reviews of websites and you will probably see people aren’t afraid to ask whether someones service is good even based on the look of a site. If a full new website is out of the question whether it be for nostalgic reasons or costs, then a new landing page may be worth considering. We will let you know straight away what will or will not work.

We don’t use a cookie cutter approach to our campaigns as all websites are not created equal. We’ll need to analyze the site as it is and work with you depending on your goals and will feedback along the way with our campaigns. Naturally we will push as hard to get you the best results but we will also be realistic in our approach. There are many out there with a taste for champaign but on a beer budget so we will be honest and up front with what we see will or wont work.

When you start working with DigiHub, you know that the team want the best outcomes for you. We’re easy to reach by phone or by email. We might be in the office normal business hours but if you need us you’ll probably find that we’re not too far away.


Why Work With Us?

At DigiHub, we want to become a part of your business. We don’t just want to be commissioned for a job, ideally we’ll form a part of your team and while not sitting right in your office, you’ll feel that we’re there with you every step of the way.

For those that don’t necessarily want to be fully involved, if you’re happy to give us creative freedom, we’re more than happy to look after things for you too and we only need to catch up once in a while so that we’re all on the same page.

Want to findout more? Drop us a message or jump on chat!

Online Marketing - Getting Started

Touch base now so we can start reviewing your website to determine a strategy and the best way forward. We can start with a free quick review and go from there. 

No two websites are created the same and search engines may not always respond identically so we start with a strategy but we will also continue to adapt and change as the need arises. Lets talk about things we can do get you winning more business online. 

We're 360, if you're working with another media agency, we will work with them to streamline campaigns. After all, we are all here to make you more money not compete with each other and it makes sense to reinforce the message you are trying to promote. 

If You're Not Online It's Like You Don't Exist

Reach Your Audience & Build Your Brand

Target your audience better by device as you learn more about how they find you then use this data to your advantage.