Google Ads (AdWords) Management & PPC Management Adelaide

We help businesses with Goole Ads (Formerly AdWords) management and other Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We can review your existing campaign if you’re already running one or if you’re keen to get started, we can start from scratch and run a campaign for you.

If you’re looking at this page you are most likely considering a Google Ads/AdWords Management service. Either that or trying to understand the difference between managing your own campaigns or using a digital agency.

Google Ads (AdWords) Management Vs In-House Management

With this advertising platform, you can choose to manage your campaigns in house or you can employ an agency to look after your advertising. There’s some inherit benefits either way and at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide which way is most efficient for you based on the costs whether it’s financial or time.

In House Google Ads (AdWords) Management

The Small Business

If you’re a sole trader or small business, like most things if you have the time or aptitude for it, you can most likely learn how to run and manage your own campaigns. Just like servicing a car or painting a house, even every day accounting, it is possible to learn these skills but to apply them on a daily basis and keep on top of it takes you away from getting on with what you do best. There’s plenty of courses or you can do it by trial and error. While it’s not impossible manage this and carry on your own business, most small traders we know struggle to find the time to do their work and get simple things done like accounting to allocate sufficient time to manage campaigns let alone look at their own website.


The Google Ads (AdWords) Management needs for a SME may be similar to to the needs of a small business, or could be substantially heftier depending on the service or product offerings and competition in the industry. The benefit of reaching the SME stage is  having additional office staff to help with the administration of the business. This means that there might be potential to have someone in house manage campaigns without too much additional expense. If you have full time staff, this could be a part of their routine and the effective cost is time vs other work that needs to get done. The important thing here is to have someone who is savvy enough to manage these type of campaigns and who is familiar with online marketing principals or who has had experience managing campaigns. We have seen many who have said that they are good with computers but struggle to use simple chat features on the website.

The Corporate Entity

Corporates use Google Ads (AdWords) management services too! Believe it or not, there are many large companies who use agencies. Why? Convenience and access to people who are in the market working on campaigns every day. Agencies also have the benefit of partnerships with advertising providers like Google and Bing and have access to regular updates and in some cases Beta tests which may further benefit campaigns. We have seen many cases where the cost of hiring someone full time to manage these campaigns in house alone outweighs the benefits and the onus of fully maintaining campaigns by the marketing manager or marketing co-ordinator becomes arduous especially when dealign with multiple advertising channels.

Using a Digital Marketing Agency for Google Ads Management

When you choose to let an agency manage a campaign for you, you are relieving yourself of the need to keep watch over your campaigns. While you do not need to be looking at performance hourly or in some cases daily, campaigns are definitely not set and forget.  Campaigns need to be monitored and decisions made how to best optimize along the way to get the best returns for our goals. Whether it be lead generation or phone calls, or types of inquiries you are looking for. The digital marketing agency will help you to analyze the data and push campaigns for optimal performance or give you recommendations which you would not be aware of.

There are benefits whether you choose to use a Digital Marketing agency for Google Ads management or whether you want to manage campaigns in house. We’re happy to have a chat to see whether management might suit your needs. There are circumstances where management may not work depending on expectations and level of commitment required on both sides. For example, some businesses may have the expectation that they would have someone managing their campaign 24/7 for a very small management fee. We all know the reality is that will not happen (not to say that campaigns can’t run all hours). Drop us a message or hit us up on chat if you have any questions or if you’re keen to get started and want to see if we can help.